Cloud Service Providers


Migrating applications to the cloud brings state-of-the-art infrastructure at much lower costs, but sometimes the migrated applications sit far away from the end customer, reducing its performance. Distributing the application geographically may be unfeasible (lack of local cloud data centers) or too expensive (extra infrastructure costs and the non-trivial implementation of a distributed architecture).

The Bequant TCP Acceleration (BTA) product can improve the responsiveness of applications hosted in a cloud data center, especially when those applications are accessed from wireless networks (WiFi, 3G, 4G...) wherever they are hosted and without the need of those applications supporting complex geographic distribution logic.

Acceleration Results

The following chart shows the acceleration of Amazon AWS content when accessed by users in an LTE network. In classifies the traffic based on its delay towards the user (RTTa) and the size of the downloads. The performance of each individual TCP transfer is registered and the accelerated results are compared with the non-accelerated ones to obtain the acceleration percentage (the increase in average speed).


The Bequant software runs on Bequant Nodes (BQN), which can be transparently deployed at the data centers of the cloud provider as a bump-in-the-wire in front the application servers. Customers can use their operating system of choice in their servers while benefiting from Bequant industry-leading TCP stack.