Artificial Intelligence to improve the  performance of your network.

Advanced network optimization technology, to improve speed, reduce latency and congestion, and provide full visibility.

BQN Platform


TCP Optimization


Improve your network speed.

BQN network acceleration

Our patented TCP implementation can significantly increase the speed of downloads and applications in your network. Moreover, our transparent TCP proxy makes data appear closer to the clients – and closer means faster delivery. While TCP proxies have been used for many years in satellite and large cellular networks, at very high prices, Bequant has now made TCP Optimization available – and affordable – for all networks, and improved it using automated learning technology.

“Since deploying our BQN, the amount of support calls complaining about low results and buffering when streaming via internal wifi dropped tremendously. Overall, we have a much happier customer base”

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Bandwidth Management


Lower latency, packet losses
and network usage.

BQN Multi-queue technology

Interactive applications, like on-line games and teleconferences, can be severely impacted by rate limitations in congestion, because of their high sensitivity to latency and packet losses. However, our unique multi-queue technology guarantees an independent queue for each connection, ensuring that interactive data do not have to wait in queues with heavy traffic, like video streaming. In this way, interactive applications will not notice the rate limitation, even in congestion situations. And with Automatic Congestion Management, using advanced machine-learning algorithms, congestion situations can be detected and mitigated automatically.

“We have used Bequant to implement the speed limitation of our subscribers, and we have obtained a significant reduction of latency and greatly reduced costs, as we need fewer PPPoE servers in our network. In summary, better quality at a lower cost.”

Manage and optimize your network.


Network Visibility


Monitor your Customers' Quality of Experience


AVG. WEEKLY / 3 months


TOTAL DOWN: 823.411 gb — TOTAL UP: 49.574 GB

Graph showing average speed on a network


AVG. WEEKLY / 3 months

Graph showing maximum speed on a network


AVG. daily / 3 months

Down-Subs Rtt-Ms
Graph showing latency on a network


AVG. daily / 3 months

Graph showing packet re-transmissions on a network


AVG. daily / 3 months

Down-Subs RtX-%
Down-network RTX-%
Average reduction in latency with ACM in a network
Average reduction in retransmissions with ACM
Graph showing average traffic at high speed and under congestion in a network
Graph showing flows over time in a network
Graph showing DPI Hourly statistics
Graph showing distribution of uplink latencies over time

The BQN platforms provides the key metrics to monitor the Quality-of-Experience (QoE) metrics you are delivering to your customers. It will measure the usage, the maximum speed delivered, the latency and the packet losses/retransmissions experienced by each subscriber in real time, together with the amount of flows created and possible DoS attacks, and will keep those metrics for three months.
Our advanced DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology can also see what services are being used in your network and measure the latency for each service. In this way, you can plan your Internet peering, measure the quality of your Internet service provider, and diagnose service-specific problems.

“The DPI and the network visibility have saved us many problems with our customers: when they call and tell us “I can’t work remotely”, it really means that a specific application, is not working. Bequant allows us to analyze the subscriber’s traffic and solve the issue.”

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From small ISP’s to cloud data centers and big enterprise networks.

Abstract illustration of "Low or irregular speed tests"

Low or irregular speed tests

Improving the speed of your network with TCP Optimization can help you deliver higher and more consistent speed test results for your customers. And thanks to our DPI, you can apply special policies to these speed tests.

Abstract image of servers

Mitigate congestion and reduce internet bandwith

The BQN Bandwidth Management allows your network to run close to congestion without impacting interactive applications. Together with our DPI, you can also reduce the bandwidth used by the heavier applications during congestions situations.

Abstract Netflix image of "Low video streaming quality and/or stalling"

Low video streaming quality and/or stalling

TCP Optimization can increase the speed of video streaming applications, which will increase their quality and reduce stalling situations.

Abstract illustration of "Latency issues in online gaming"

Latency issues in online gaming

Our bandwidth management can reduce latency in congestion situations, which will greatly benefit online gaming applications – leading to a reduction in gaming-related support inquiries.

Abstract image of "Abusive usage by subscribers"

Abusive usage by subscribers

Our network visibility will let you see the top subscribers in your network, in terms of usage, and see the pattern of their usage, which may sometimes point to abusive usage patterns, or even virus problems.

Abstract image of "No subscriber Quality of Experience measurements"

No subscriber Quality of Experience measurements

The BQN Network Visibility provides measurements such as maximum subscriber speed and latency delivered over time, retransmissions and number of flows created and active – to help you characterize the quality you are delivering and diagnose possible problems.


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