Bequant showcasing success cases for Latin America

Mockup of computer with online keynote

On Wednesday, July 26th, we held an online presentation of Bequant's success cases focused on Latin America, with more than 50 ISP companies. In this meeting, we presented the positive results that Bequant software has brought to our customers.

The online session was led by David Gonzalez and Enrique Martini, Sales Director Spain/Latam and Sales Consultant Latam, respectively. The live was also attended by Bequant clients: Francisco Garbarino from Knett (Argentina), Héctor Mena from Tecmesh (Ecuador) and Raymundo Barcelata from Conectared (Mexico).

Here is a testimonial from Francisco Garbarino from Knett, our first customer in Latin America, on the results obtained with Bequant:

"We noticed a lot of improvements. The first one, being a wireless isp, a wisp, was the latency issue, how latency improved. Today we have a very low latency for the clients and we really had packet loss, something that Bequant solved, so to speak, and we literally have no packet loss. We also implemented ACM, we saw that retransmissions went down by 50%."

Raymundo Barcelata from Conectared company highlights the results obtained through bandwidth management, one of the pillars of our software:

"This function has given us very good benefits respecting the management of our bandwidth regarding our provider, because we want to give more packages, improve the service, give more coverage, and all that run out quickly the bandwidth that we had allocated, so the software allowed us to improve the management of bandwidth.
How we did this? Reducing speeds of streaming services where you don't really need as much navigation to be able to continue enjoying the same quality of service and the server feels impeccable as if there wasn't that reduction and is through the system that we manage the bandwidth better".

And to complete the presentation, Hector Mena shared the benefits that Tecmesh company has gained with Bequant as a fibre company. For him, the biggest benefit was the network visibility:

"For a fibre network, personally, what I like is the DPI part, which allows me to see the traffic already sectioned to where my customers' traffic is going.
Also, the DPI allows us to be able to make requests for CDNs later on, if we need to. Many times, the ISPs already have enough capacity to request a CDN but they don't do it because they don't know it."

The complete online session is on our YouTube channel. Take the opportunity to watch the full testimonials from our customers.

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