Bequant in Brazil: consolidation of its expansion in 2024.

Bequant in Brazil: consolidation of its expansion in 2024.


Following its international expansion strategy, Bequant continues to grow in the Brazilian market. Numerous customers have already experienced consistent results from the software on their networks, indifferent regions of the country, since its arrival in Brazil last year (2023).


Currently, Bequant has customers in the states of Espírito Santo, Bahia, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondônia and Maranhão. The plan for this year is to increase its presence in all regions of the country and continue leveraging the number of networks optimized with its technology. Inrelation to current customers, the results are positive, with a high level of satisfaction, as demonstrated by the internet provider Mab Fibra (www-

"Since implementing Bequant, we have seen anotable improvement in our customers' satisfaction. Reports of interruptions and connection slowdowns have decreased, while the efficiency in managing datatraffic has proven exceptional, dynamically adapting to usage demands and optimizing allocation of network resources. This improvement allowed us to not only maintain, but increase the quality of our service in an increasingly competitive market.” - Jonatã Cruz, CEO of Mab Fibra.

In its expansion plan in the country, Bequant has beengrowing its local team, highlighting Marta Borges, its new Sales Manager. She points out how the software stands out in the market, based on the reaction of ISPs when they discover it:


“In our presentations, whether in contact with the ISP or in the events we participated in, we noticed a great acceptance from the Brazilian market regarding the Bequant software. Most ISPs are impressed and excited by the product's technology; curious to know even more.” - reveals Marta.

Rodrigo Salles (MarketingDirector), Marta Borges and Samuel Reis (CEO of ASR Tech and partner of Bequant) at Expo ISP Experience 2024, which took place on April 7th.

This year, it will also be possible to notice Bequant's presence in Brazil through a robust calendar of events. In addition to the Expo ISP Expedição in Maringá that took place yesterday, April 11, 5 more events have been confirmed at which the company will have a stand: São Luiz (23/05), Belém (04/07), São Paulo (05/09), Brasília (26/09) and Florianópolis (10/10). Furthermore, the team will be present at the biggest national events, such as ABRINT, in addition to holding other events of its own.

If you operate as an ISP in the Brazilian market and are interested in trying our software at no cost, please request a free demonstration here on the website and we will contact you as soon as possible.