Introducing BQN R4.17 for Streamlined Network Visibility and Bandwidth Management

Bequant releases new R4.17 version with enhanced ACM (Automatic Congestion Management), real-time network subscriber monitoring and support for subscriber groups

Press Release
Mockup of tablet device running the BQN Platform

In a world where network performance and quality of experience are paramount, Bequant proudly unveils its new BQN R4.17 version, a groundbreaking solution that significantly amplifies its previous capabilities in bandwidth management and network visibility, while solidifying its market-leading position in TCP optimization.

Sophisticated Design Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

This latest version leverages an evolved Automatic Congestion Management (ACM) functionality, designed to monitor every network user’s speed, latency, and packet losses in real-time. It intelligently detects congestion points, subsequently seeking an optimal speed to either avoid or mitigate network congestion. Unique to this system, the ACM considers all concurrent users, especially those entering congestion simultaneously, perhaps due to sharing a congested link or radio access, ensuring an even-handed distribution of resources and maintaining network integrity, utilizing state-of-the-art real-time machine learning algorithms in the process.

Enhanced Real-Time Subscriber Monitoring and Grouping

Network visibility is further refined, featuring real-time monitoring of specific subscribers at an impressive 1-second granularity and including DPI of active flows. Now, it's possible to define and automatically populate subscriber groups, representing those sharing a radio access point, fiber OLT, or back-haul link, enabling the acquisition of aggregated metrics and intra-group subscriber comparison.

Proven Excellence Globally Deployed

With a deployment footprint in over 450 networks and ISPs across 40 countries and on all continents, BQN is not only a mature product but a globally recognized network optimization solution. Having maintained numerous steadfast customers for over six years, BQN has demonstrably assisted in harnessing optimal performance and delivering unparalleled quality of experience across various networks.

In collaboration with our strategic partner, Cambium Networks, we proudly serve global markets and are thrilled to showcase this new release at the 2023 Wispapalooza show in Las Vegas, where it will be featured as the QoE product at the Cambium Networks booth from October 9-12.

Witness firsthand how Bequant's innovative solutions continue to shape the future of network management and optimization.