BQN Documentation
BQN Documentation

When the subscriber rate limits are unknown, the BQN can automatically detect them using machine learning so the BQN becomes the bandwidth management element, and the network can benefit from BQN reduced latencies and losses. The ACM will also detect congestions below the subscriber rate limit, helping also when rate limits are known.  


The overall reduction of latency and losses achieved thanks to the ACM can be checked in Statistics->Congestion->ACM and Congestion, that will show the following charts:

  • Traffic at Max Speed & under Congestionshows the % of traffic that is running at the maximum speed or near the maximumspeed, along with the % of traffic suffering congestion and the % of trafficlimited by the ACM.
  • Latency Reduction with ACM contains thereduction in milliseconds of the access latency achieved thanks to the ACM.
  • Retransmission Reduction with ACM depictsthe reduction in the packet retransmission percentage % obtained by the ACM.

Also, these charts are available per Subscriber: in Status->Subscribers, click on the subscriber ID or IP address to go to the subscriber dashboard.


ACM improves the network quality with no need of configuration fine tuning, so it is recommended to keep it enabled at all times. Nevertheless, it is possible to disable ACM for all policies going to Configuration->Optimization Settings and and change the Global ACM Status switch to off.