BQN Documentation
BQN Documentation

General Requirements

The BQN uses dedicated commercial off-the-shelf servers or virtual machines, configured according to the network capacity and connectivity requirements.

Supported CPUs

  • Intel Xeon CPUs (Nehalem or later)
  • AMD Epyc CPUs

Dual-CPU servers are supported. Following normal NUMA requirements, RAM must be balanced between the two CPUs (for example, 16GB + 16 GB).

Currently, the server maximum number of CPU cores supported is 128.

Supported Hard Disks

SSDs (Solid State Drive) are recommended for performance and reliability reasons.

The following disk types are supported:

  • SATA
  • SAS
  • NMVe

Supported Network Interfaces

A BQN server needs at least three network ports: one for management and another two for packet processing.

Ports for packet processing should be Intel-based, with one of the following controllers:

1 Gbps

  • Intel I210
  • Intel I350

10 Gbps

  • Intel X520
  • Intel X540
  • Intel X550
  • Intel X553
  • Intel X710
  • Intel XL710

25 Gbps

  • Intel XXV710
  • Intel E810

40 Gbps

  • Intel XL710

100 Gbps

  • Intel E810

Other network interface models can be supported but with much lower throughput capacity (up to 1Gbps).

Supported Network Interface Transceivers

For optical interfaces, the transceivers must be Intel-compatible of one of the following types:


  • 1000BASE-SX
  • 1000BASE-LX

10G SFP+

  • 10GBASE-SR/1000BASE-SX
  • 10GBASE-LR/1000BASE-LX

25G SFP28


  • 40GBASE-SR4
  • 40GBASE-LR4

100G QSFP28

Hardware Dimensioning

The minimum configuration is for 1Gbps, going up to 150Gbps. The following table summarizes the CPU, RAM and disk needed depending on the network capacity. The processors shown are examples of verified systems. Processors with similar performance characteristics will also work

1 Gbps i5/i7/E3-1220/Atom C3558 8 GB 60 GB
10 Gbps E3-1240/E-2334 32 GB 120 GB
20 Gbps Xeon 4214 64 GB 240 GB
40 Gbps 2xXeon E4214 128 GB 240 GB
100 Gbps 2xAMD 7532 Rome 256 GB 480 GB
150 Gbps 2xAMD 75F3 Milan 512 GB 480 GB

Virtual Platforms

BQN supports:

  • VMware
  • KVM (with Linux kernel of the host machine of v 4.11 or later and QEMU of version 2.9 or later).

All resources will be fully dedicated (pinned) to the virtual machine (no oversubscription). Depending on the traffic load, check with Bequant the required resources needed. As a general guideline, use the following resources:

vCPU* RAM Disk
1 Gbps 2 8 GB 60 GB
10 Gbps 14 32 GB 120 GB

* Each vCPU is equivalent to one core of an Intel XeonE5-2630 v4 @ 2.20GHz CPUs, with hyperthreading enabled.

For the data plane interfaces, the supported configurationis using Intel network cards with PCI passthrough, because of performance and reliability reasons.