BQN Documentation
BQN Documentation


Software Installation Step-by-Step

This guide assumes that the BQN software is installed. If it has been not:

  • Get the latest iso file from Bequant support.
  • Generate a USB drive with MBR partitions and DD mode. You can do it with the dd program in Linux or with Rufus ( in Windows.
  • The server BIOS should have its factory default boot mode (for example, DUAL).
  • The server BIOS clock must be set to UTC.
  • If there is a RAID controller, a logical drive must be configured and marked as bootable.
  • Insert the USB drive and select it in the server one-time boot menu.
  • During the installation, it is important to configure your time zone and the management IP address and default gateway. ("Yes" to "Configure BQN System").
  • Follow the instructions in the BQN Software Installation Guide.

There is a video explaining the main installation steps: